Things I’m thankful for today:

  1. Felt a divine stirring as I woke up this morning that I needed to take the day off. We have family coming into town, and I severely needed some mental health upkeep.
  2. Our dinner guests last night, as well as Diana’s lasagna and the root beer floats we enjoyed. Thankful the boys had a teenaged playmate to play board games with them.
  3. Better Call Saul season 2 on Netflix. ‘Nuff said.

(The following was originally posted to Goodreads in September 2016.)

Wonderful set of stories by Clarke. Other than these, I’d only read the 2001 series and 3 of the Rama books. The former became very disappointingly cynical and anti-religion; the latter was fascinating but cold and too technical. This set of stories is full of awe and wonder, imagining captivating landscapes and environments in and around the solar system, especially in the Jovian system, as they may really exist (at least, according to the scientific understanding available to Clarke when he wrote the stories, the majority of them in the 50s). I was utterly enthralled. He kept his settings in a nearish future–worlds, times, and people that are just close enough to our own that we feel connected to the characters. We care about the danger they’re in, we feel the joy of their discoveries. We long to grasp what is within their reach. This is great sci-fi.

Rating: 5/5