Things I’m thankful for today:

  1. The boys’ baseball games were rained out this weekend. Sad, yes, but I’m taking advantage of the rainy day to stay indoors and post to the blog, which is long overdue and is deeply cathartic. Dopamine coming out my ears.
  2. The healthy grief and sadness I’m feeling over losing the family dog. We had Ginny put to sleep on Wednesday. I’ve been processing the pain and heartbreak and remembering all the great things about the dog, including some of her bad habits that formerly drove me crazy but now just make me smile. We were so blessed to have her. She’s the kind of dog against whom you measure all others.
  3. Probably the greatest Easter weekend of my life last weekend. I have our parents to thank for that. Friday, Diana, the boys, and I fished with Granddaddy out on the lake. I personally caught three giant small-mouth bass, two of them using Judah’s little Avengers rod. We filleted them when we got back to the dock. I stink at this, but I plan on getting better with practice. We did Silver Dollar City on Saturday. Then on Sunday we celebrated Easter as well as Diana’s birthday down at her folks’ place. The weather was beautiful throughout the weekend. We are loving life and seeing good days. Now, to the paltry and short book review below.

(The following was originally posted to Goodreads on August 7, 2016.)

I flamed Robert Jordan on my review of a Terry Goodkind book, so it looks inconsistent that I’m giving this 4 stars here. However, this is the 2nd time I’ve read the book. I liked it the first time (in the summer of 1999), and I liked it this time. My problem with this series began with the 4th book. I’ve read through book 10, at which point I gave up, also at which point I’ve heard from two separate sources that the series picks up again. I gave up on it just short of Brandon Sanderson’s work. He had the grit to carry it through to the finish, and fans seem to applaud him for it. That being said, I’m giving this another shot. I’ll try to pace myself better. When I went on my Wheel of Time binge in 2006-2007, I basically read books 3 through 10 back to back and around the clock. I got weary. I did it to myself, in part.

Anyway, good adventure, great depth to the characters. Glad I’m back in it. Looking forward to rereading books 2-3, as I thoroughly enjoyed them the first time around.

Rating: 4/5