Things I’m thankful for:

  1. One of the most insane Monday mornings imaginable. Several projects at work all of a sudden saw massive production and movement, and I handled it pretty well. I didn’t get any actual work done, but I set many things in motion.
  2. A great Mother’s Day weekend. The lake was still much too high for us to make it to the boat or get any fishing done, but we made the most of what we had: the fire pit, the barbecue grill, the slip ‘n slide for the kids in my folks’ yard, picking up trash that had washed up along the shoreline. Quality time was spent very, very well.
  3. The Cardinals are having an amazing season.

The following review was originally posted to Goodreads June 12, 2016. I’m aware that many of my Goodreads reviews are very short. This is due mostly to the Goodreads story editor frame and its formatting capabilities are lacking and cause me enough frustration that I don’t really care to go at length. I much prefer writing in the WordPress story editor and plan on using it as my go-to in writing future reviews. By the way, the original review was interrupted by my kids. In fact, I was distracted as I was trying to write up my points of gratitude above by fighting, whining kids. Such is life.

This was a pleasant surprise. I read Watership Down at least 21 years ago, so I couldn’t remember anything of Adams’ style, just that I enjoyed it. From what I can recollect, this book differs quite a bit from Watership Down. But it’s just as heart-warming, in the final analysis, as that book is reported to be, perhaps even drawing some tears. I love the simplicity of the story–easy to follow–while also ascribing complex and identifiable emotions to the dogs at the center of it. I have additional deep thoughts that I can’t quite express, namely because my middle child, Levi, is behind me stomping on those air-bubble things they put in Amazon boxes to pop them and Asher’s whining about some crap. Maybe I’ll get back to this later, but likely not. Regardless, it’s a great book, and I’m glad I journeyed through it. The dialectic writing of some characters’ dialogue is a bit cumbersome at times, but I found I could just skim it and get the gist, a tribute to Adams’ excellent plotting (which is perhaps a conciliation to his readers that he knew wouldn’t be able to navigate it as well as a native speaker). He typically follows up the dialogue with a bit of a summation of what’s happening.